Album Review: Freedom

20 12 2008


Alright I’m kinda easing back into updating my blog, so I’ll kick off my newly repurposed blog with an album review.

The album under review is Akon’s album “Freedom” which was released on December 2nd.  Upon hearing the news that Akon was releasing another album, I initially wasn’t too thrilled.  I had seen him perform along with Rihanna at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College last year as a freshman, and I must say he put on a pretty good performance.  Although most of the fun I had then was due to the fact that everyone there was dancing the night away to then popular music with a heavy beat, I had gained a bit of an appreciation for Akon’s music.  I had never really heard his music much before that point other than some of his more popular songs like “Lonely” or “Smack That”.  He was essentially just another R & B artist to me, with some songs that had risen above the rest.   After listening to his new album, my impression of him had changed mildly.  The new album has a few songs that I do like, yet the majority of it resonates with the same sound that Akon has been putting out there, being somewhat soft sounding vocals, deep beat and nice synthesized sound to go with.  I really like the song “Beautiful” right now (see youtube video below), and the songs “Troublemaker” and “Keep You Much Longer” appeal to me as well.  Although, the song “Right Now” (the one that repeatedly goes “na na na”) has been the most popular track on the charts, I’m not too huge a fan of it.  Overall, the album is ok, save for the select songs that I do really like.  7/10




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20 12 2008
Steve S

Nice to see you are blogging again man. Welcome back!

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