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9 04 2009

Seeing how many of my friends, acquaintences, and other people I know have recently gotten invlolved with a social networking website by the name Twitter >>>, I decided i’d check into it myself.  Registering for Twitter was extremely simple, requiring very few input fields for personal information.  I proceeded to upload a picture that I had taken with the camera on my laptop, and then got to searching for some people I knew already had Twitter.

The concept is very simple –  you just post whatever you are doing at the moment, or whatever comes up.  It then receives and transmits this information with other people that are deemed “followers” and “following”.

So far, my favorite feature of Twitter is the compatibility it offers with Facebook and mobile devices.  Simply by providing my cell number and getting the Twitter app on Facebook, I can now send a text from my slightly outdated Motorola Razor to Twitter, which then updates Twitter, which then updates my status on Facebook.  Talk about ease of access.  I can’t do much with my cell phone besides call and text, but now I have at least one more capability.  The ability to update my status may not seem to be the most useful of tools, but I could see this kind of thing getting implemented more with newer devices and technologies.  If anything else this could be used to quickly relay information to others in the event of a catastrophe/disaster/bad happening.  You can view my twitter page here if you’d like >>>




3 responses

9 04 2009

I’m just getting the whole twitter thing figured out. Seems pretty cool so far though.


10 04 2009

It’s amazing how Twitter has really expanded in the last few months. I update it about 10x more than my facebook status.

26 04 2009

I made an account because a few of my friends were on it before it was suddenly ridiculously popular, and they wanted more people they knew to talk to. I was weary, since it’s essentially if facebook’s only purpose was to update your status, but I do love it. Because all I ever really do on facebook is update and comment statuses anyway! Haha.

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